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Harrington Lab Overview

Research Focus Areas:

The overall goal of my laboratory is to understand signaling mechanisms involved in regulating the pulmonary vasculature at the level of the endothelium.  Work in the laboratory has identified several signaling molecules, including protein kinase Cδ, SHP2, and PTP1B, and endosomal regulating proteins, p18, Rab4 and Rab9 GTPase, that actively regulate the lung endothelial barrier in settings of injury and at baseline.  Our models incorporate both in vitro and in vivo approaches.  Additional research interests include understanding the heterogeneity of the endothelium in different vascular beds and organ subcompartments.  Also, work is ongoing investigating the mechanism by with the atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) attenuates edemagenic responses of the lung endothelium. 

Current Funding:

Funding Agency:  NIH NHLBI T32HL134625 (Harrington, Bennett, Levy, & Rounds)
Role:  Principal Investigator
Title:  Brown Respiratory Research Training Program
Funding period:  04/01/17-08/31/21
Direct Costs:  $498,064
Funding Agency:  NIH NIGMS P20GM103652 (Rounds)
Role:  Deputy Director; Core Director
Title:  Endothelial Injury And Repair: Cardiopulmonary Vascular Biology COBRE
Funding Period: 9/20/2013-5/31/2018
Direct Costs:  $1,978,405 (Harrington:  $289,679)
Funding Agency:  NIH NHLBI R01HL123965 (Klinger)
Role:  co-Principal Investigator
Title:  The Role of NPR-C in Modulation of Acute Lung Injury
Funding Period: 7/1/2015-3/31/2019

Direct Costs:  $266,309

Funding Agency:  NIH NHLBI R25HL088992
Role:  Principal Investigator
Title:  Short-Term Training Program to Increase Diversity in Health-Related Research
 Funding Period: 7/1/2012-6/30/2022

Direct Costs:  $93,575

Funding Agency:  NIH NIGMS R25GM083270 (Campbell)
Role:  co-Principal Investigator
Title:  Initiative to Maximize Student Development
 Funding Period: 3/1/2011-3/31/2022

Direct Costs:  $718,847

Funding Agency:  NIH NHLBI T35HL094308
Role:  Principal Investigator
Title: Alpert Medical Student Summer Research Program
Funding Period: 12/1/2014-8/31/2019

Direct Costs:  $44,673

Recent Publications: