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Harrington Lab Members and Trainees

Current Lab Members:

Julie BrazaJulie Braza
Julie Braza, M.Sc.
Lab Manager
Phone:  401-273-7100, ext 2397

email:  [email protected]

Huetran DuongHuetran Duong
Huetran Duong, B.S.
Research Assistant
Phone:  401-273-7100, ext 6404

email:  [email protected]

Ashok KumarAshok Kumar
Ashok Kumar, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Phone:  401-273-7100, ext 3648


Eboni ChambersEboni Chambers
Eboni Chambers, PhD, MPA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Phone:  401-273-7100, ext 2379
Michelle XiongMichelle Xiong
Michelle Xiong '18 BSc, '22 MD Senior Honors Thesis 
Phone:  401-273-7100, ext 3645
Verida LeandreVerida Leandre
Vérida Leandre 
Pathobiology/ Integrative Studies PhD candidate
Phone:  401-273-7100, ext 3645

Past Trainees:

Havovi ChichgerHavovi Chichger
Havovi Chichger, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
[American Heart Association Fellowship 13POST14120014]
Project:  Barrier Function Through VE-cadherin Trafficking
Maria del Mar ArrieroMaria del Mar Arriero
Maria del Mar Arriero, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow,Stem Cell Aging and Cancer Research Group, The Artic University of Norway, Tromso, Norway
Project:  PKCδ Modulation of Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier Function
Katie Lefebvre GrinnellKatie Lefebvre Grinnell
Katie Lefebvre Grinnell, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
[NIH 1 F32 HL091664-01A1; NIH T32HL088328]


Current position: Associate Professor, Biology, Chair of Biotechnology Program, Bristol Community College, Attleboro, MA
Project:  PKCδ Modulation of Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier Function via SHP2 and Src
Ayse Ceylan AkbalsiAyse Ceylan Akbalsi
Ayse C. Akbalsi, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Current position: Assistant Professor at Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, Turkey
Project:  PKCδ Modulation of Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier Function


Brian CasserlyBrian Casserly




Brian Casserly, MD
Pulmonary Fellow
Current position: Department of Respiratory Medicine, University Limerick Hospital, Limerick, Ireland

Project:  Role of PKCδ in Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier Function

Gaurav ChoudharyGaurav Choudhary
Gaurav Choudhary, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
[Dept of VA, Career Development Award]
Current position: Associate Professor of Medicine,Brown University, Associate Chief of Research, Providence VAMC, Providence, RI

Project:  Role of C-type Natriuretic Peptide in Pulmonary Vascular Function

Akua FordjourAkua Fordjour
Akua Owusu-Sarfo Fordjour, MD, PhD
PhD Student, Pathobiology Graduate Program
[American Heart Association Fellowship, PRE0615676T]
Current position: Internist, Baylor University Medical Center

Project:  p190RhoGAP and PKCδ:  Investigation of Their Role in Endothelial Barrier Function

Qing LuQing LuQing Lu, PhD, DVM
Postdoctoral Fellow/ Assistant Professor of Medicine
Current position:Associate Professor of Medicine, Brown University, Research Biologist, Providence VAMC, Providence, RI

Project:  TGFbeta and Pulmonary Endothelial Function

Undergraduate Students:
Brown University Students:
  • Kevin Liang, Class of 2019
  • Geraldine Boni, 6/2014-8/2014, class of 2015, BS
  • Kevin Huang, 5/2008-7/2008, class of 2011, BS
  • Alper Celik, 6/2006-8/2006, class of 2008, BS
  • Reshma Tamachandran, 2/2006-8/2006, class of 2009, BA; class of 2013, MD
  • Thomas Kim, 5/2005-8/2005, class of 2007, BA; class of 2011, MD 
  • Kirstin Mennella, 9/2001-12/2001, class of 2002, BS
  • Caroline Marcus, 6/2000-9/2000, class of 2001, BS
  • Eileen Wu, 5/1998-8/1998, class of 2000, BA; class of 2003, MD 
  • Chad Stockham, 6/1997-8/1997, class of 1999, BS
Leadership Alliance Students:
  • Lisset Duran,6/2016-8/2016, John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY, class of 2018
  • Maurice Whalen, Jr, 6/2015-8/2015, Tougaloo College, class of 2017
  • Myranda Myers Stark, 6/2014-8/2014, Kutztown University, class of 2014
  • Hannibal Black, 6/2012-8/2012, Claflin University, class of 2014
  • Rachel Rudlaff, 6/2011-8/2011, Michigan Stater University, class of 2012
  • Milinda Thompson, 6/2010-8/2010, California State University, Long Beach, class of 2011
  • Joel Crespo, 6/2009-8/2009, University Puerto Rico, class of 2011
  • Santas Rosario, 6/2008-8/2008, University of Miami, class of 2009 
  • Luis Munioz, 6/2007-8/2007, Rhode Island College, class of 2008
  • Cicely Grate, 6/2005-8/2005; 6/2006-8/2006, Claflin University, class of 2007
  • Freddi Zuniga, 6/2003-8/2003, California State University, class of 2004
  • Akua Owusu-Sarfo, 6/2001-8/2001, Claflin University, class of 2003
  • Gajarah Ballard, 6/1998-8/1998, University of North Carolina, class of 2000
  • Zarixia Zavala-Ruiz, 6/1997-8/1997, University of Puerto Rico, class of 2000
Other Students:
  • Maurice Whalen, Jr, 6/2016-8/2016, Tougaloo College, class of 2017
  • Muhammad Randy Alsabe, 6/2015-8/2015.  George Washington University, class of 2018.
  • Emmanuel Amanfor, 1/2010-4/2010.  Providence College, class of 2010.
  • Andrew Sousa, 1/2006-5/2006.  Providence College, class of 2006.
  • Christopher Murphy, 1/2004-5/2004.  Providence College, class of 2004.
  • Becky Zisserson, 6/2000-9/2000.  University of Pennsylvania, class of 2003.