Daniel Weinreich, Ph.D.Daniel Weinreich, Ph.D.Professor Weinreich uses complementary theoretical and experimental methods to study how genetic novelty fuels evolution by natural selection. He trained as a computer scientist in college and spent almost 10 years working as a software engineer. He then received his PhD and postdoctoral training in population genetics and microbial experimental evolution.

Professor Weinreich regularly teaches BIOL 0380: The Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease and BIOL 1430: Population Genetics, and occasionally also graduate seminars in his areas of interest. He is co-Director of Graduate Studies for the graduate program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and for the graduate program in Computational Biology. He is an associate editor at Genetics and has served as an ad hoc reviewer for dozens of journals and many national and international funding bodies.

Professor Weinreich's CV 

Office: 301 Walter Hall (401)/863-3937
Lab: 528 BioMed Center (401)/863-2749

Office Hours: Wednesdays 1 - 3 during Fall term and by appointment