Associate Professor of BiologyDaniel Weinreich, Ph.D.Daniel Weinreich, Ph.D.

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Center for Computational Molecular Biology 

Office: 301 Walter Hall (401)/863-3937
Lab: 528 BioMed Center (401)/863-2749

Office Hours: By appointment and Wednesdays 1 - 3 during the fall term

Daniel_Weinreich at brown dot edu

Dr. Weinreich's Curriculum Vitae.pdf



Eugene Raynes, PhD 
BA New York University 2006
PhD University of Pennsylvania 2012

Yevgeniy_Raynes at brown dot edu

I use experimental evolution and computer simulations to study evolution of the genomic mutation rate. During my PhD I examined the evolutionary dynamics of mutator alleles in experimental microbial populations, focusing on indirect selection experienced by mutators due to their associations with beneficial mutations. Currently, I am using computer simulations to investigate the evolutionary dynamics of chromosomal instability during cancer progression.



David M. Morgan

PhD Student 2018 -

BS Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2017

david_morgan at brown dot edu

I am generally interested in molecular evolution and questions on epistasis, enzyme promiscuity, and novelty motivate my research. Current work uses deep mutational scanning to investigate epistasis within beta-lactamases.

Maya Weissman

PhD Student 2019 - 

BS San Diego State University 2019


maya_weissman at brown dot edu

I am broadly interested in mathematics and biology. I am currently working on computational methods to model the evolution of modifiers of fidelity of genetic information transmission within and between organisms.



Gabriella Ferra '20