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BIOL 0380 The Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease -- Fall 2020 Hybrid Course Plan

2020 Hybrid course plan: This fall, Biol 0380 will be offered as a hybrid course for both remote and in-person participation. Each week, students will asynchronously watch a number of  short video lectures in place of traditional, in-person lectures. In addition, students will synchronously attend small (<20 student) discussion sections. All students should register for one of the five discussion sections shown; additional sections may be added if needed

Diverse assessments including low-stakes check-in quizzes, module problem sets, individual and group projects, and exams are planned. 

The syllabus is being substantially revised for 2020 to include content on the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to accommodate asynchronous lecture. The 2019 syllabus is provided here for reference.

These pages will be periodically updated between now and the start of the fall term, so please check back if you are interested. The course Canvas site is here and will be accessible once you place BIOL 0380 into your shopping cart.

You are also welcome to contact Professor Weinreich with questions.

July 27, 2020