Selected Publications:

Weinreich, Daniel M., Yinghong Lan, Christopher S. Wylie and Robert Heckendorn (2013). Should Evolutionary Geneticists Worry about Higher-Order Epistasis? Current Opinion in Genetics and Development 23(6):700-707.

Weinreich, Daniel M. and Jennifer L. Knies (2013).  Fisher’s Geometric Model of Adaptation Meets the Functional Synthesis: Data on Pairwise Epistasis for Fitness Yields Insights into the Shape and Size of Phenotype Space. Evolution 67:2957 – 2972.

Weinreich, Daniel M., Suzanne Sindi and Richard Watson (2013).  Finding the Boundary between Evolutionary Basins of Attraction, and Implications for Wright’s Fitness Landscape Analogy. Journal of Statistical Mechanics P01001.

Weinreich, Daniel M. (2011) High-throughput identification of genetic interactions in HIV-1. Nature Genetics 43: 398-400.

Weinreich, Daniel M., Nigel Delaney, Mark A. DePristo and Daniel L. Hartl (2006). Darwinian evolution can follow only very few mutational paths to fitter proteins. Science 312:111-114. doi:10.1126/science.1123539 

DePristo, Mark A, Daniel M. Weinreich and Daniel L. Hartl (2005). Missense meanderings through sequence space: a biophysical perspective on protein evolution. Nature Reviews Genetics 6:678-687. doi:10.1038/nrg1672 

Weinreich, Daniel M., Richard A. Watson and Lin Chao (2005). Perspectives: Sign epistasis and constraint on evolutionary trajectories. (Cover article) Evolution 59:1165-1174. doi:10.1111/j.0014-3820.2005.tb01768.x 

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