PRIMO Photos

PRIMO 2019


Alice and eStephanie


NYC sunshine - Nathalie, Alice, Gerardo 

Happy hour in NYC - Ingrid, Nathalie, Alice, Gerardo, and Thomas

Mr. 1CellBio Man, Mike Brenan, would rather be working on sea stars! 


A sad day in the lab....Zijing, Alice, Nathalie, Haley, Chris



A good day in the lab! ....Zijing, Alice, Nathalie, Haley, Chris!!


Max and BunBun and Nathalie

Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Nathalie Oulhen 

PRIMO 2018

Lab Group July 2018
L-R: Gary Wessel, Thomas Onorato, Gerardo Reyes, Mia Pattillo, Nathalie Oulhen, eStephany Foster, Ingid Veras, Alice Pieplow, Margherita Perillo, Ruby Schnirman, Anna Fernandez, John Coleman, Will Spurrell, Olivia Akinsunmoye, Duygu Ozpolat, Max Spurrell, Emily Kuehn. Absent from photo, Lynae Brayboy, Annaliese Fries, Mamiko Yajima. 


Lab photo 2018f.jpg

Lab Group June 2018
Front Row L-R: John Coleman, Laura Knapik, Nathalie Oulhen, Alicia Uchida,  Gary Wessel.
Middle Row L-R: Lynae Brayboy, Mamiko Yajima, Devon Schoerder, eStephany Foster, Margherita Perillo. 
Back Row: Max Spurrell,  Annaliese Fries,  Olivia Akinsunmoye, Alice Pieplow. 


Donut day.JPG

Donut Day starts at 7am!! 


Excuse napkin.jpg

Just get a doctors note. 



Laura, Haley, and Lynae working. Nathalie smiling. 



Meseret and his warm jacket. 


PRIMO 2017


Nathalie, Alejandro, and Hossam working hard in the lab! 

Alejandro and Ingrid's Flatbread Menu cover  

Taras glass_0.JPG

Tara defense party collage 2017_0.jpg

Dr. Tara Fresques !!

Nathalie and Sophie in bayou country 2017_0.jpg

Nathalie and Sophie in Bayou Country 



Cynthia the Wasp Whisperer


Yana and Maria_0.JPG

Yana Alexandrova and Maria Furtado on an EM field trip! 


The Hand !! Notice anything different? 


PRIMO 2016


Theater night!!













Theater night !! 

PRIMO group photo

From left to right: Gary Wessel, Saba Shevidi, Henry Vargas, Nathalie Oulhen, Tiny, John Coleman, Sokunvichet Long, Mamiko Yajima, Natalie Schudrowtiz, and        Tara Fresques


Working hard in the lab..... (as depicted by Jessica Poon) 





















Gary's Japanese Dentist experience! (Tateyama, Japan)  

Gary and Dave McClay (Dave's Birthday in Woods Hole!) 
























Tara and Nathalie 


PRIMO 2015

PRIMO 2015

From left to right: Gary Wessel, Eric gustafson, Nathalie Oulhen, Gerardo Reyes, Tyler Carrier, John Coleman, Tara Fresques, Lynae Brayboy, Saba Shevidi, Thomas Onorato, Mamiko Yajima, Niesha Voigt

Frank Hall for Life Sciences

Sidney Frank Hall for Life Sciences

The Jungle

The Jungle...


The Pineapple

The lab pineapple

Tara Fresques on the microscope at the MBL Embryology Course

Yutaka Takeuchi and Dons Xu 2015



PRIMO 2014



Nathalie Oulhen and Ciona


Morning jog....




The Nads

Primo 2014