Welcome to the Providence Institute of Molecular Oogenesis

Please join us on our updated site: https://sites.brown.edu/wessel-lab/   Hope to see you there!

Who we are: 

Reproduction is arguably the most important goal of an organism and our lab uses a variety of organisms and experimental approaches to understand how the process works. While many reproductive strategies have been tested in evolution, our understanding generally remains rudimentary. Recent advances in technology have enabled new approaches to study reproduction, and a convergence of disciplines is now poised to uncover these most fundamental mechanisms. We believe the best way to understand reproduction is through the examination of diverse organisms and to leverage their differences to highlight underlying principles. Please explore more of who we are and what we do in the associated pages. 

Maskless lunch May 2021.jpg

Our first Maskless lunch!   Who are these people? They have legs and feet!?!
From L-R front: Gerardo REyes, Shumpei Morita, Stephnay Foster, Pauline Gregory
From L-R back: Cosmo Pieplow, Hossam Zaki (w/sunglasses), Gary Wessel, Nathalie Oulhen, Florence Wavreil (Missing from photo: Margherita Perillo).  

May 2021