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Prof. Wong presents at Brown University Family Weekend

October 19, 2013

2013 Family Weekend Faculty Forums

Brown University: a Biomedical Engineering Powerhouse
Anubhav Tripathi, Associate Professor of Engineering, co-Director, Center for Biomedical Engineering
Sean Deoni, Assistant Professor of Engineering
Diane Hoffman-Kim, Associate Professor of Medical Science
Anita Shukla, Assistant Professor of Engineering
Ian Wong, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Brown has one of the leading biomedical engineering programs in the country – the Center for Biomedical Engineering showcases the University’s focus on interdisciplinary research and lack of boundaries as it exists as a joint program between the School of Engineering and the Division of Biology and Medicine. Come hear faculty talk about their cutting-edge research in biosensors, biomedical devices, biomimetic materials, drug delivery, controlled drug release, stem cell engineering, pediatric MRI imaging and brain development, and how tumors grow and resist drug treatments.