Prof. Wong presents at MIT

Prof. Wong presented the Soft Materials Structures and Devices Seminar at MIT on October 21. Thanks again to Ming Guo for a great visit!

(Distributed October 21, 2021)

Prof. Wong presents at the University at Buffalo

Prof. Wong presented a seminar in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University at Buffalo on October 13. Thanks again to Stelios Andreadis for the invitation and opportunity to share our work!

(Distributed October 13, 2021)

Prof. Wong awarded Project 2 of COBRE: Center for Computational Biology of Human Disease

PROJECT NARRATIVE: Primary breast tumors preferentially metastasize to bone, liver, and lung but may remain dormant in these new microenvironments for years to decades. In order to understand the role of tissue-specific matrix or secreted factors in metastasis, we will develop engineered devices that incorporate tunable biomaterials and stromal cells. We will culture patient-derived circulating tumor cells in these tissue constructs to profile gene expression and drug response.      

Thanks to Dr. Kumar Lakshmi Matukumalli and NIGMS for the support!

(Distributed August 3, 2021)

Prof. Wong participates in the Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Prof. Wong has been chosen as one of 60 of the most promising early career engineers from the United States and Japan to participate in the National Academy of Engineering’s 2021 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering (JAFOE) Symposium from June 23-25. The participants - from industry, academia, and government - were nominated by fellow engineers or organizations. The symposium will cover cutting-edge developments in four areas: Soft Robotics, Mitigating Sea Level Rise, Blockchain, and Machine Learning and AI for Mental Health.

(Distributed June 23, 2021)

Prof. Wong presents at Cornell University

Prof. Wong presented a seminar in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University on May 7. Thanks again to Mingming Wu, Jan Lammerding, and Claudia Fischbach for the invitation and the opportunity to share our work!

(Distributed May 7, 2021)
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