Primary Investigator

Gang Xiao

Professor Xiao works in experimental condensed matter physics with a focus on nanoscale materials. He has been studying spintronics, an emerging field that harnesses the electron's spin to create new electronic devices. He directs research toward the understanding of issues in spintronics, which are both fundamental and essential to applications. He has developed a method to visualize the flow of electrical current through very small wires. The technique is being applied to the quality control of integrated circuits and is the technical basis of start-up company, Micro Magnetics.

Graduate Students





Shu Wang




Wenzhe Chen




Guanyang He





Qiang Hao • Michael Jokubaitis

Xiaojing Zou • Wenzhe Zhang • Yuanjun Yang • Cynthia Luu

Anuj Girdhar 

Guoxing Miao • Weifeng Shen • Dipanjan Mazumdar 

Nathaniel Safron • Li-Wei Liu • Amalia Telbis 

David Mancus • Lance Ritchie • Xiaoyong Liu • Ben Schrag 

Alexandre Anguelouch • Cong Ren • Snorri Ingvarsson 

Xinwei Li • Yu Lu • Margaret Gardel • Chadwick Canedy 

Guoqiang Gong • Peng Xiong