Bribery in Bangalore: Using Data to Drive Public Policy

When Taran Raghuram ’14 was a high school student in Bangalore, India’s third-most populous city, he knew he wanted to work with the civic-action organization Janaagraha. He admired their mission to analyze public policy, educate the public on civic issues, and enable citizens and local government to improve their quality of life. Little did he know that to work with Janaagraha he would first end up traveling across the world to Providence to study at Brown.

Raghuram, a dual concentrator in economics and physics, was selected last year as a Brown-India Initiative undergraduate fellow. The Initiative’s purpose is to provide opportunities for scholars to produce policy-relevant scholarship focused on India, something Raghuram was eager to take advantage of. When he learned that the Initiative has a partnership with Janaagraha, he applied for a fellowship for a research project there. The chance to work with Janaagraha through this fellowship “was a big opportunity and I was immediately drawn to it.”