Programming the smart home: ‘If this, then that’

I’m up. Where’s the coffee?

The idea is to provide owners with an easy way to program all domestic devices. The “IF (this) THEN (that)” trigger-action approach has been shown to work for users who are not programmers. View YouTube clip

Homes already have intelligent devices beyond the TV remote — garage door openers, coffee makers, laundry machines, lights, HVAC — but each has its own arcane steps for programming. User research now shows that “trigger-action programming” could give users a reliable and simple way to control everything, as easy as “If this, then that.” 


A group of computer science researchers from Brown and Carnegie Mellon
universities may have found a workable programming solution. Through a
series of surveys and experiments, the researchers show that a style of
programming they term “trigger-action programming” provides a powerful
and intuitive means of talking to smart home gadgets.