Export Controls

Brown University is dedicated to becoming a world-class global research university. The expanded goals of the University’s Plan for Academic Enrichment (PAE) require additional attention to export control compliance in order to promote successful collaborations internationally while ensuring the University’s diligent compliance with these laws and regulations.

Federal scrutiny concerning the level of compliance with export controls has become more prominent following the events of September 11. As Brown continues to expand into the global environment, it is important that faculty and other researchers at the University’s departments, laboratories, and centers understand their obligations under these regulations.

Most research activities at Brown are excluded from export controls because they fall under Fundamental Research or Education Exclusions. However, when this is not the case, it is critically important to begin the process early.


The following situations require export control review:

  • when one needs to send a tangible research item abroad
  • when one needs to use tangible research equipment in their research while traveling abroad
  • when one accepts controlled equipment for use on campus

It can take several months to receive a license after submitting an application or to identify and create the infrastructure needed to continue using a controlled item on campus.

Individuals at Brown should be familiar with the University’s Export Control Policy and how this policy is related to Brown’s guidance on Publications and Confidentiality for conducting research. Individuals conducting international research should also be familiar with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the prohibition of Restrictive Trade Practices.

For questions or further information related to export controls or international research administration, please contact Juliane Blythe, Associate Director of Research Operations at (401) 863-3295.


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