Charge and By-Laws

1. Charge

The Office of the Vice President for Research Advisory Board shall serve to advise the Vice President for Research, and other senior officers as appropriate, on resources and priorities with regard to University research. The OVPR Advisory Board shall review and make recommendations regarding the University’s policies and programs concerning the Office of Research Administration, the IRB, Brown Technology Partnerships, research funding, external collaborations, interdepartmental communications and other matters within the purview of the OVPR.


The OVPR Advisory Board may create standing and ad hoc committees and sub-committees to handle specific matters under its broad charge. Charges and memberships of the various committees and sub-committees shall be consistent with the charge and membership guidelines governing the creation of Administrative Advisory Boards and shall be made known to the campus by the Vice President for Research.


2. Membership

The members shall consist of the Vice President for Research; a minimum of four faculty members who shall serve staggered terms lasting at least two years. Students and staff may serve, as appropriate.


3. Chair and Staffing

The Board Chair shall be the Vice President for Research. The Vice Chair shall be a faculty member who is elected by the Board at the end of his/her first year of service. The Board shall be staffed by the Office of the Vice President for Research.


4. Procedures

The Executive Committee, consisting of at least the Chair and Vice Chair, shall set the agenda for the Board meetings. The Board shall meet at least once per semester. The Board shall report annually in writing to the Faculty. The report is to be given by the Chair or, in his/her absence, by the Vice Chair.


5. Election

Faculty members will be appointed by the Vice President for Research with advice from the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC).

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