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Brown University Independent Contractor Policy and Procedures 10/1/2006

Brown University Patent and Invention Policy  5/27/2005

Brown University Policy on and Procedures to be Followed in Cases of Allegations of Dishonesty or Midconduct in Research 

Brown University Policy on Drugs in the Workplace

Brown University Tax Exempt Status Letter 5/18/2010
Conflict of Interest Pollicy for Officers of Instruction and Research 8/24/2012

Cost Sharing Policy (Policy No. 300.0) 10/1/2011
Cost Transfer Policy 7/1/2007
Cost Transfer Explanation and Justification Form
Effort Reporting Policy 7/1/2007

Export Controls - General Information

Fabrication Policy

Fabrication Equipment Account Request Form
IRB Policies and Procedures

NIH Salary Cap Policy (Policy No. 400.1) 10/1/2011
Patent and Invention Agreement under External Contracts and Grants 2/8/2010
Person Months Converter 3/7/2012

Policies and Procedures Relating to Copyrights 5/27/2005

Purchasing Compliance Regulations

Subaward & Subrecipient Policies & Procedures 2014

Summer Salary Costing Allocation Template


Costing Allocation Template

University Prior Approval System (UPAS)

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