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The Pembroke Center at Brown University is an interdisciplinary research center that fosters critical scholarship on questions of gender and difference, broadly defined, in national and transnational contexts.

The passing of Artemis A. W. Joukowsky Jr.

Chancellor Emeritus Artemis A. W. JoukowskyChancellor Emeritus Artemis A. W. Joukowsky All of us at the Pembroke Center were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Chancellor Emeritus Artemis A. W. Joukowsky Jr. ’55 LLD’ 85 hon., P’87, GP’13, GP’14, GP’16, GP’17, GP’22.

(Distributed December 18, 2020)

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 |Value of Life: Insurance, Slavery, Incarceration

In his Pembroke Center lecture “Value of Life: Insurance, Slavery, Incarceration,” Michael Ralph, Associate Professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University, discusses how his research on insurance reveals that people who were enslaved could inhabit social standing approximating that of dehumanized free workers, while free people could be trapped in a predicament  approximating slavery.

(Distributed October 26, 2020)

2021-22 Pembroke Center Postdoctoral Research Fellowships | Apply by December 7, 2020

In 2021-22, the Pembroke Center is awarding one-year residential postdoctoral research fellow positions to scholars from any field whose research relates to the theme of "Color." 

Fellows are required to: participate weekly in the Pembroke Seminar, teach one undergraduate course, and pursue individual research.

(Distributed October 16, 2020)

Are you ready to vote?

Vote readyVote readyAre you ready to cast your vote? National Voter Registration Day is September 22! If you’ve recently moved, turned 18, or changed your name, you may not be #VoteReady. Take this opportunity to update your voter registration at

Voting Resources:

(Distributed September 21, 2020)
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