Faculty Advisory Board

Faculty Board Members

Nadje Al-Ali (Anthropology; Middle East Studies)

Timothy Bewes (English)

Anthony Bogues (Africana Studies)

Leslie Bostrom (Visual Arts)

Lundy Braun (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Africana Studies)

Joan Copjec (Modern Culture and Media)

Lynne Joyrich (Modern Culture and Media)
On leave 2019-20

Kiri Miller (Music)

Ellen Frances Rooney (Modern Culture and Media; English)

Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg (Pembroke Center [director]; Comparative Literature; Italian Studies; Modern Culture and Media)

Lingzhen Wang (East Asian Studies)

Debbie Weinstein (American Studies)

Ex Officio:  Jeremy Lehnen (Pembroke Center [associate director]; Gender and Sexuality Studies)