Gender and Sexuality Studies Courses

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Fall Semester 2017

Code Title Schedule Instructor
Speech and Silence, Trust and Fear: A Feminist Philosophical Inquiry into Sex Equality M 3-5:30
P. Foa
Cinema's Bodies T 4-6:30
G. Koch
GNSS1961G Framing Gender in Middle Eastern Cinema Th 4-6:30
T. Thompson
GNSS1961H Literary Imaginations of the Law: Human Rights and Literature W 3-5:30
A. Gunaratne
GNSS1990 GNSS Senior Seminar W 3-5:30 D. Walker
GNSS2000 Method, Evidence, Critique: Gender and Sexuality Studies across the Disciplines T 3-5:30 D. Davis
GNSS2010K The Cultures of Pacifism
 W 10-12:30
L. Gandhi
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Spring Semester 2018

Code Title Schedule Instructor
GNSS0090C Reproductive Health: Science and Politics M
S. Fox
GNSS0120 Intro to Gender
& Sexuality Studies
M/W/F 1-1:50
 D. Walker
GNSS1961I Global America: Gender, Empire, and Internationalism since 1890 W 3-5:30 T. Zemach-Bersin
GNSS1961J Make a Body Riot: Laughter, Resistance, and African American Literature T 4-6:30 D. Millan
GNSS2020K The Cultures of Pacifism  W 10-12:30 L. Gandhi
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