$3.5 Million Pembroke Center Archives Endowment Campaign

April 28, 2013

The Pembroke Center’s two complementary archives – the Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive and the Feminist Theory Archive – explore Brown and Rhode Island women’s history and the intellectual history of feminist theory.  The Center is engaged in a campaign to build an endowment to support these archives with enhanced resources to grow the collections and increase their accessibility for teaching and research.  Thanks to a leadership gift of $1 million from Pembroke Center Associates Council chair Nancy L. Buc’65 – and increasing support from alumnae/i and friends – the Center is well on its way.

A decade after Pembroke College merged with “The College” (the men’s undergraduate college), Brown University founded the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women. To honor the legacy of Pembroke College, and advance teaching and research on women, the Center established the Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive in 1983 to document Brown and Rhode Island women’s history.  Two decades later, the Center created the Feminist Theory Archive to focus on the intellectual history of the second wave of feminist scholarship and expanding directions of contemporary research.

“These two archives - focusing as they do on women’s history and feminist theory – symbolize the Pembroke Center’s richness of purpose.  I am pleased to support an endowment to make sure they can flourish, and invite others to join me as guarantors of their future,” said Nancy L. Buc ’65.

The Pembroke Center Archives Endowment will make possible a full time archivist, mounting exhibits, digitizing collections, obtaining new materials for the collections, facilitating research by scholars and students to work in the archives, and hosting conferences.

These archives celebrate the Brown and Rhode Island women and the determination of feminist theorists to explore questions about women, gender, and difference locally and globally. The Pembroke Center is working to involve more scholars and student researchers in these expanding archives.

For more information about the Pembroke Center Archives Endowment, please contact Christy Law Blanchard at 401-863-3650 or Christy_Law_Blanchard@brown.edu.

We invite you to make a donation online that will provide permanent and long-term support for the Pembroke Center's Archives. Please select "Pembroke Center Archives Endowment" when allocating your donation. Thank you.