Graduate Certificate in Gender & Sexuality Studies

June 15, 2017

The Pembroke Center is very pleased to announce the creation of a new Graduate Certificate Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies. The graduate certificate enables graduate students already enrolled in PhD programs at Brown to develop methodological and theoretical expertise and credentials in the interdisciplinary field of gender and sexuality studies while fulfilling the graduate requirements of their degree-granting department. It will give students the opportunity for advanced training in the field; provide them with specialized professional training in Gender and Sexuality Studies; and foster a community of scholars dedicated to the study of the intersections of gender and sexuality and other related methodologies, such as critical race studies, cultural studies, legal theory, psychoanalytic theory, as well as more traditional disciplinary methods.

The requirements for Certificate Program include coursework, teaching or TAing a course relevant to gender and sexuality studies, and the presentation of a paper in our new Graduate Student Colloquium. Please contact Drew Walker, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, for more information.