Hang My Tran, winner of the 2019 Joan Wallach Scott Prize for an outstanding honors thesis in Gender and Sexuality Studies

May 16, 2019

Hang My TranHang My Tran

The Pembroke Center is pleased to announce that Hang My Tran is the winner of 2019 Joan Wallach Scott Prize for her thesis, "everyone walks around with their head tilted down to the flowers."

The thesis project, My says, "reorganizes fragments within queer narratives and foregrounds language fragmentation as a tool for meaning making in the wake of ongoing loss. Here, fragments call to the marginal—the queer, animal, madness and nonsense: the part-human sub-human non-human subjects—whose voices are historically made to dissolve, decay, and disappear. Here, endless ruptures create polyphony where it seems silence has taken over—at the dissolving edges of breaking, broken fragments."

The Joan Wallach Scott prize is awarded annually to a Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies concentrator. The selection committee described My’s thesis as an ambitious and thought-provoking work that “explores gender, desire, identity, becoming (and much more) through a captivating collage of fragments, stories, recipes (and again much more),” and chose it from a pool of very strong candidates.