Shamara Alhassan, winner of the 2019 Marie J. Langlois Dissertation Prize

May 8, 2019

Shamara AlhassanShamara AlhassanThe Pembroke Center is delighted to announce that Shamara Alhassan has won the 2019 Marie J. Langlois Dissertation Prize for an outstanding dissertation in an area of feminist studies.

Drew Walker, Associate Director of the Pembroke Center, said the review committee found that Alhassan's dissertation, Rastafari Women’s Intellectual History and Activism in the Pan-African World”  and the short film that accompanied it "give voice to Rastafari women in insightful and moving ways and promise to reshape how scholars understand Rastafari history and practice."

Alhassan said her dissertation is is a visual ethnography that analyzes the ways Rastafari women use their livity (sometimes defined as the Rastafarian way of life or concept of righteous living) to build transnational communities through spiritual solidarities and activism around gendered anti-Black racism and religious discrimination. Despite their leadership, Alhassan said, women have been largely erased from movement histories. Drawing upon documentary film and theories in Rastafari studies, Alhassan foregrounds the oral narratives and experiences of Rastafari women in Ghana, Jamaica, and Ethiopia.

The Langlois Prize comes with an award of $1,000.