NEW TIME! 5:30 PM, Tuesday, November 12 | Jacques Lezra | Defective Institutions: Or, Critique

November 4, 2019

Jacques LezraJacques LezraJacques Lezra, professor of Hispanic studies at the University of California, Riverside, will give the lecture “Defective Institutions: Or, Critique.” Lezra asserts that the task of political philosophy today, at the moment of the crisis of representative democracy we are living, is not the critique of actually-existing institutions or political concepts with the aim of producing new and stronger institutions or new and stronger, more coherent political concepts. He argues that the task of critique in political philosophy is to produce defective political concepts and roughly-corresponding defective institutions. According to Lezra, a fully and radically differentiated democratic society stands on the defectiveness of its institutions.

Lezra will offer a formalized concept of “defective institutions” and discuss works by Stanislas Breton, Bill Readings, and Sylvia Wynter in support of the claim that republicanism in its wildest shape is the intractable governance of defective institutions.