Brown Faculty: Apply for a 2022-23 Pembroke Seminar Fellowship

November 12, 2021

The Pembroke Center invites Brown faculty to apply for faculty research fellowships for 2022-23The fellowships support the participation of Brown faculty members in the Pembroke Seminar, an interdisciplinary, intergenerational research seminar that meets weekly throughout the academic year.

Aliyyah Abdur-RahmanAliyyah Abdur-Rahman

In 2022-23,the seminar topic is “In the Afterlives and Aftermaths of Ruin," under the direction of Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, associate professor of American studies and English

The seminar meets on Wednesdays from 10:00 am-12:30 pm throughout the year. Brown campus-based full-time regular tenure and tenure line faculty members are encouraged to apply.

An application package should include a current curriculum vitae and a project proposal (1,000 words) that describes the applicant's research. Faculty participants should have an active interest in the seminar's topic, but the research project may be in any related field and need not directly address the topic.

Selected faculty fellows will receive a research stipend of $7,500 foracademic year 2022-23. The funds will be transferred into the faculty member’s research account.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is February 7, 2022.

Materials should be submitted to:

Pembroke Center
Box 1958
172 Meeting Street, Room 111
[email protected]

Please contact Leela Gandhi with questions: [email protected]

About the 2022-23 Pembroke Seminar:

"In the Afterlives and Aftermaths of Ruin” takes as its backdrop sociocultural, economic, political, environmental, and ecological ruin wrought by the global Covid-19 pandemic (with its multitude of worldwide dead); climate crisis; right-wing radicalization within and across national borders; the popularization of racist, nationalist and xenophobic discourses and policies; the denigration of scientific, academic, and subaltern knowledges; and invigorated assaults on the lives and life chances of black and brown people the world over. Over the course of one year, we will study and conceptualize ruin along with modalities of survival and persistence, epistemologies of emergence and immanence, praxes of rupture and critique, maneuvers of sustenance and suture. Considering a wide array of theoretical formulations attendant to ruin, we engage scholarship by Hortense Spillers, Sylvia Wynter, Achille Mbembe, Saidiya Hartman, Jodi Byrd, Jasbir Puar, David Eng, Jared Sexton, C. Riley Snorton, among others.  Reading activist aesthetics across literary, visual, and multimedia forms, we analyze work by such cultural producers as Octavia Butler, Doreen Gardner, Wangechi Mutu, Leslie Marmon Silko, Kara Walker, Merritt Johnson, Barry Jenkins, among others.  The ultimate aims of "In the Afterlives and Aftermaths of Ruin” are to theorize systems and semantics of endurance and to promote reparative (social, ethical, relational, ecological, political) infrastructures amidst the ruin of our times.

Read more about the focus of the 2022-23 seminar here.