Pembroke Center Archives Endowment

Brown’s Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women maintains two complementary archives, the Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive and the Feminist Theory Archive. The Center now seeks funding to expand both archives and make them more accessible, useful, and meaningful to faculty and student researchers, alumnae/alumni, and the Brown and Rhode Island commununities.

"Archives like the Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive and the Feminist Theory Archive gather the documents – by and about women – that make it possible for later generations to glimpse women’s lives, to extract the meaning of those lives, and to give them historical significance.”

Joan Wallach Scott
Founding Director, Pembroke Center

The Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive focuses on Brown/Pembroke and Rhode Island women. In this collection, materials such as letters, diaries, papers, photographs, newspapers, and oral histories, document both women’s leadership in great social causes such as the abolitionist movement, the suffrage movement, and the fight for women’s right to higher education at Brown, and the quotidian lives of these women beginning in the 19th century.

“No documents, no history.”

Mary Beard
American historian and archivist

The Feminist Theory Archive concentrates on the intellectual history of feminist theory. In this collection are or will be materials such as papers, letters, and annotated drafts of the scholars who founded and led this movement, showing both their own ideas and the interchange of ideas among them as they elucidated and articulated questions of difference and identity and the complexities of cultural practice. Over 100 leading scholars have delivered or promised their papers to the Feminist Theory Archive, including Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, Mary Ann Doane, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Saba Mahmood, Naomi Schor, Joan Wallach Scott, Hortense Spillers, and Patricia Williams.

“It is vital to have possession of memory, to control it, administer it, tell it what it must contain.”

Michel Foucault
French philosopher and historian

“Since its founding, the Feminist Theory Archive has gathered materials from some of the most distinguished feminist theorists writing in the English language. This unique archive will continue to grow and draw scholars from around the world to Brown for research.”

Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg
Director, Pembroke Center

The Pembroke Center is raising an endowment to support its Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive and Feminist Theory Archive, to ensure that they reach and are maintained at their full, lively potential.

"If an archive is only a collection of things that is never added to, accessed, studied, debated, or enjoyed, it is lifeless."

Nancy L. Buc ’65

Most important, the Pembroke Center Archives Endowment will provide a salary and benefits for a full-time archivist to tend to both archives. The endowment also will provide for assistant archivists, including undergraduate and graduate students. Together with colleagues at the Brown University Library and academic departments and centers, thePembroke Center’s archivists will:

  • Obtain new donations of papers, media, and materials
  • Maintain the archives physically
  • Digitize the collections
  • Prepare physical and digital exhibits
  • Organize lectures, workshops, and conferencesto explore and utilize both archives

The endowment will support Brown undergraduate and graduate student and faculty research utilizing the archives and provide opportunities for visiting scholars to conduct research in the Archives.

We need generous donor support to raise $3.5 million for the Pembroke Center Archives Endowment. That amount will allow the Pembroke Center’s two archives, already wonderful resources for students, scholars, alumnae, and the interested public alike, to thrive.

“As Brown celebrates its 250th anniversary, we look to our history and our future. The Pembroke Center Archives allow us to appreciate Brown and Rhode Island women and the feminist theory that provides a framework for understanding women’s roles not only at Brown and in Rhode Island but also in the wider world.”

Christina H. Paxson
President, Brown University

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