Research at the Pembroke Center

The Pembroke Center examines what constitutes knowledge in today's world. The Center fosters critical, interdisciplinary scholarship on questions of gender and difference broadly defined, through sustained engagement with research questions in national and transnational contexts.

The Center supports research by Brown faculty and students in multiple ways:

Pembroke Seminar — We convene scholars from around the world to work with Brown faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates to develop new approaches to a common set of issues. This year-long research seminar meets weekly to examine a critical set of questions from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Fellowships — We offer fellowships for Brown faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates that provide essential support for scholars to complete rigorous research projects.

Lecture Series — We support a wide range of lectures throughout the academic year.

Research Roundtables — We bring scholars together for presentations and intensive discussion on a variety of topics.

Seed Grants – This program supports transnational research that involves faculty from the humanities, social sciences, creative arts, health sciences, and science and technology studies.

Faculty Research Initiatives  — The Pembroke Center provides Brown faculty with resources to develop and lead multi-year research collaborations.

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Grants — We help Brown students explore their intellectual passions with grants for honors level and graduate level research.