Faculty Outreach & Networking Events (FONE)

Pickup the FONE and Stay Connected...

 is a monthly meeting of (women and men) faculty, administrators, and staff. Each session begins with a brief presentation on one of a range of faculty development topics (grantseeking, leadership development, communicating science, etc.) followed by an opportunity to network with Brown colleagues. 

Sessions are from 8:30-9:30 AM (presentations begin promptly at 8:45 AM). All of this semester's sessions are held in the General Study Room at the new Science Center, located on the 3rd floor of the Science Library. Light refreshments are provided.

Previous Sessions

Topic Date Description
Raising Your Research Profile with ResearcherID Oct 2010 This month we demo ResearcherID, available through the University Library. ResearcherID provides the global research community with an index to author information. By assigning a unique identifier to each author who participates, ResearcherID standardizes and clarifies author names and citations and makes your information search more straightforward and accessible. Search the registry to find collaborators, review publication lists, and explore how research is used around the world. Use ResearcherID authentication in Web of Knowledge to create automatic email alerts or RSS feeds for saved searches or article citations.

For additional information on raising your research profile, see our wiki
Grantseeking through Community of Science (COS) Sept 2010 Our topic this month is the funding opps database, Community of Science (COS). COS Funding Opportunities is a frequently updated database of funding opportunity announcements from across the disciplines (including the humanities and social sciences). It contains information on awards, fellowships, and grants from federal/non-federal, corporate/private foundation, and international funding sources. COS Funding Alert is a weekly e-mail notification with a customized list of funding opportunities based on specified criteria provided by the individual COS member.

For additional information, see the University Library Grant Resources Guide.
News Media & You Apr 2010 We have two great presenters this month on the topic of communicating science to the news media:

1. Richard Lewis, Science Media Specialist, presents strategies for communicating effectively with the news media about your research and scientific breakthroughs. See his presentation here.  

2. Professor Meenakshi Narain, Physics, talks about the May 5 Media Training Event being held as part of the ADVANCE-sponsored US Compact Muon Solenoid Collaboration meeting. The USCMS is the international conference of scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider.
Women's History Month Mar 2010 Celebrate Women's Herstory Month and the start of Spring Break by stopping by for refreshments and taking our women's herstory quiz.

Name the first women in space:

1. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

2. Sally Ride

3. Judith Resnick 
Grantseeking through Community of Science (COS) Feb 2010 See a demo of the new grants database, Community of Science (COS), now available through University Library and managed by Amy Robb, ADVANCE Funding Resources Specialist. COS is a frequently updated database of funding opps announcements from across the disciplines (including humanities and social sciences). It contains federal and state, corporate and private foundation, and international award funding opportunities for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate. Learn how to search for funding opportunities and create a user profile for saved searches and automatic funding alerts.

For additional information, see the University Library Grant Resources Guide.
Going After Federal Funding Nov 2009 Anubhav Tripathi, Assistant Professor of Engineering will describe his strategies for identifying and seeking federal funding. 
National Science Foundation Site Visit Oct 2009 Find out about our third year NSF site visit on November 17 & 18, 2009.

Topics discussed include:

1. An overview of the agenda and interview schedule

2. A synopsis of the presentation on program initiatives and progress

3. Frequently Asked Questions
Career Development Award Recipients Sep 2009 Career Development Award recipients from the 2007 and 2008 cohort talk about their research undertaken, in part, with help from the ADVANCE Program:

- Carthene Bazemore-Walker (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Rewards of an ADVANCE Career Development Award 

- Jennifer Dworak (Assistant Professor of Engineering), Detecting Errors Online Using Invariance Information 

- Erika Edwards (Assistant Professor of EEB), The Study of Whole Plant Evolution

- Carmen Marsit (Assistant Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine), Creating Opportunities for Collaboration and Scientific Discussion

- Meenakshi Narain (Associate Professor of Physics), Silicon Sensor R&D Efforts for Future Particle Detectors