Leadership Program

Leadership Program for Women Scientists

The Leadership Program provides funding mechanisms that allow women faculty in the sciences and engineering to advance their careers to the next level. These award programs allow for new collaborations with peers and mentors, provide support to ensure that the research of women scientists continues while they undertake national roles of scientific leadership, give women scientists practical university administrator experience, and allow women scientists to attend leadership training programs provided by other institutions.

Award Programs
Administrator Shadowing Program The Administrator Shadowing Program gives women faculty in science and engineering the opportunity to shadow a senior University administrator and work on a semester-long project that would have institutional impact.
Career Development Awards Career Development Awards help faculty increase their exposure to colleagues at other institutions who can serve as collaborators and mentors.  These awards are particularly useful for assistant professors who are beginning to build their research program, or for mid-career faculty moving in either a more collaborative direction or new research area.
Leadership Support Fund The Leadership Support Fund provides women scientists with the means to attend administrator training or leadership programs provided by other institutions.  The faculty member may choose a program that best suits her career goals and schedule.
Scientific Leadership Awards The Scientific Leadership Awards were developed to facilitate women’s ability to assume positions of leadership within a scientist’s own discipline.  The awards provide teaching release time or other support so that women faculty in the sciences will have time to take on an additional responsibility of scientific leadership when such opportunities arise (such as becoming president or vice president of a scientific society or editor of a journal) without jeopardizing their ongoing research.
Travel Grant The Travel Grant enables women faculty in the sciences and engineering to accept invitations to guest-lecture at universities and conferences.  Awards are meant to serve as rapid funds for women scientists and engineers who accept invitations to present papers, lectures, or symposia at professional conferences or peer institutions.