About this Department


The Institute for Brain and Neural Systems at Brown University is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to discovering the biological mechanisms that underlie learning and memory storage.

Members of the Institute for Brain and Neural Systems include faculty from Brown University as well as various other Universities and Institutes in the United States and abroad.

Members of the Institute conduct research in brain function and neural systems that draws on biology, psychology, mathematics, engineering, physics, linguistics, and computer science. Their overall goal is a deeper understanding of the basic processes by which the central nervous system learns and organizes itself and acquires the capacity for mental acts.

The Institute is especially interested in the interaction between theoretical ideas and experimental results. Current areas of research include theories of cortical plasticity, cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying learning and memory storage, the analysis and application of artificial neural networks and signal processing.

Leon N Cooper, Thomas J. Watson, Sr. Professor of Science, is the director of the Institute.


Selected Dissertations