Office Hours

This page is for listing faculty office hours. We recommend using the following format with name, office location, telephone extension and hours.

Name Office Location Ext. Office Hour


Leon Cooper Barus & Holley # 718 3-2172 By Appointment
Gastone Castellani
Barus & Holley # 633 3-1585 By Appointment
Nathan Intrator
Barus & Holley # 653 3-3857
By Appointment
Nicola Neretti Barus & Holley # 633 3-6702 By Appointment

Adjunct Faculty

Mark Bear
Off Campus
Brian Blais
Off Campus
Quyen Huynh
Off Campus
Predrag Neskovic Off Campus
Harel Shouval Off Campus

Graduate Students

 Michael Antosh
 Barus & Holley # 721
 3-3960  By Appointment