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New comparative genomics approach reveals a conserved health span signature across species

August 4, 2011
Comparison of different longevity interventions in D. melanogaster

Comparison of different longevity interventions in D. melanogaster (fruit fly).

Researchers in the Institute for Brain & Neural Systems and Division of Biology & Medicine at Brown University have, for the first time, identified common gene and pathway changes in calorie restriction and resveratrol feeding (known lifespan-extending interventions) in both invertebrates and mammals. In a paper authored by Michael Antosh, David Fox, Stephen L. Helfand, Leon N Cooper and Nicola Neretti and published in the journal Aging, the Brown researchers invent a new mathematical algorithm for comparing gene expression data between experiments. This approach can be used to better compare the results of complex biological experiments that effect health and longevity across species.