Selected Dissertations

Name Thesis Advisor
Michael Antosh Stress, Aging and Gene Expression in Drosophila melanogaster Leon N Cooper
Liang Wu Analysis of brain signals with machine learning and information-theoretic methods Leon N Cooper
Ki-O Kim Enhanced Echolocation via Robust Statistics and Super-resolution of Sonar Images Leon N Cooper
Jigang Wang Statistical Pattern Recognition Leon N Cooper
Luk Chong Yeung A Mechanistic Model of Calcium-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity Leon N Cooper
Ann B. Lee Statistics, Models and learning in BCM Theory of a Natural Visual Environment Leon N Cooper
Nicola Neretti An Adaptive Approach to Wavelet Filter Design
Ömer Artun Implications of Dynamic Synapses and Memory Coding Leon N Cooper
Predrag V. Neskovic Feedforward, Feedback Neural Networks With Context Driven Segmentation And Recognition Leon N Cooper
Brian S. Blais The Role of the Environment in Synaptic Plasticity: Towards an Understanding of Learning and Memory Leon N Cooper
Harel Z. Shouval Formation and Organization of Receptive fields, with an Input Environment Composed of Natural Scenes Leon N Cooper
Michael P. Perrone Improving Regression Estimation: Averaging Methods for Variance Reduction with Extensions to General Convex Measure Optimization Leon N Cooper
Yong Liu Synaptic Plasticity: From Single Cell to Cortical Network Leon N Cooper
Bradley Seebach Evidence for the Development of Phonetic Property Detectors in a Neural Net without Innate Knowledge of Linguistic Structure Leon N Cooper
Nathan Intrator Feature Extraction Using an Exploratory Projection Pursuit Neural Network Leon N Cooper
Eugene Clothiaux Theoretical and Empirical Study of Visual Cortex Using the BCM Neural Network Model Leon N Cooper
Charles Bachmann Learning and Generalization in Neural Networks Leon N Cooper
Terrance Potter Storing and Retrieving Data in a Parallel Distributed Memory System Leon N Cooper
C. Charles Law Development of Primary Visual Cortex According to the BCM Theory of Synaptic Plasticity Leon N Cooper
Alan B. Saul Visual Coritcal Unit Response Properties in Kittens Given Brief Monocular Experience Following Dark Reading Leon N Cooper
Christopher Scofield The Development of Selectivity and Ocular Dominance in a Neural Network Leon N Cooper
Michael A. Paradiso Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Constraints on Development and Plasticity in Visual Cortex Leon N Cooper
Paul Munro Neural Plasticity: Single Neuron Model for Discrimination and Generalization and an Experimental Ensemble Approach Leon N Cooper
Douglas Reilly Neural Network Simulations of Learning and Pattern Classification Leon N Cooper
Elie Bienenstock A Theory of Development of Neural Selectivity Leon N Cooper
Fishel Liberman Learning by Neural Nets: A Language Acquisition System, and Fine Tuning of Receptive Fields Leon N Cooper