Outreach Activities

Department Seminars offered by C4 faculty

We welcome the opportunity to visit your department (sponsored by C4) to give a seminar on C4 research and to meet with students to discuss educational opportunities within C4. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with faculty mentors who are educating and training undergraduate students interested in pursuing a graduate degree (PhD or MS) in chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science. Abstracts of seminars offered by C4 faculty are given below. Please submit your request for a C4 faculty seminar to C4@brown.edu. Scroll down to bottom of this page for additional hyperlinks to C4 outreach partners (The Leadership Alliance, Brown Science Center Outreach, Yale Science Outreach, Yale Science Saturdays, Boston Museum of Science). 


G. Tayhas R. Palmore, Professor and Director, C4 Professor, Brown School of Engineering

Electrochemical Reduction of CO2: Storing the Energy of the Sun and the Wind 

Wesley Bernskoetter, Assistant Professor, Brown Department of Chemistry

Diapers to Dollars: Can commodity chemicals be made sustainably and cheaply?

Nilay Hazari, Assistant Professor, Yale Department of Chemistry

Carbon Dioxide - A Great Potential Feedstock for Chemicals

Robert Hurt, Professor, Brown School of Engineering

Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment

Andrew Peterson, Assistant Professor, Brown School of Engineering

Designing catalysts for artificial photosynthesis from the ground up

Shouheng Sun, Professor, Brown Department of Chemistry

Design and Synthesis of Nanocatalysts for Selective CO2 Conversion



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