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Fall New article in Medicine @ Brown magazine: Alternative Model
Sept. 20 Dr Kim Boekelheide in the news: EPA plan to end animal testing splits scientists 
Sept. 10 In the News: U.S. EPA to elimate all animal testing by 2035
May 21 Mini-brain In the News: From the bench of the United Nations: A semi-unexpected journey



Oct. 26

OPUG, the Opera Phenix User Group meeting, 11 am, Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI

Oct. 24

EPSCoR RI C-AIM All-Hands Meeting at the University of Rhode Island with presentations by Jeffrey Morgan and Robbert Creton.

Oct. 22

CAPB/BRP meeting , 11 am, Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI


In the News: State-of-the-art test subjects: Brown researchers are creating lab-grown microtissues as an alternative to animal testing


Congratulations to Aurora Washington, who was awarded a Diversity Supplement to the Biomedical Research Partnership Grant, “Human 3D Microtissues for Toxicity Testing via Integrated Imaging, Molecular and Functional Analyses”, Professor Kim Boekelheide, PI.  Aurora is a graduate student in the Biotechnology PhD program, from Ruleville, MS. She matriculated in the program in 2017 after completing a one-year post-baccalaureate program at Brown University, when she joined Professor Diane Hoffman-Kim’s lab. In 2016, Aurora received her B.S. in Biology with Honors from Tougaloo College. While at Tougaloo, she was a Jackson Heart Study scholar, Presidential scholar, and a member of the Sigma Xi, Beta Beta Beta, and Sigma Alpha Pi national honor societies. Aurora conducted research as an undergraduate with Physics Professor Santanu Banerjee at Tougaloo, as well as participated in the Minorities Health and Health Disparities International Research Training Program at Brown University in 2014, and the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium at Brown University in 2015. During her first year in the Biotechnology PhD program, Aurora has already established herself as a valued member of the brain microtissue team of the Biomedical Research Partnership Grant.​

April 11

BRP Retreat with project leaders, the external advisory committee, the scientific steering committee and commercial partners: Retreat in the news

April 9

EPSCoR RI C-AIM Symposium with poster presentations by Samantha Madnick and Kia Huffman:  Symposium in the news 

Jan. 31

In the news: High-throughput analyses of behavior in the Creton Laboratory.  Research Features  

Jan. 22

BRP/CAPB meeting , 12 to 2 PM in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI

Jan. 17

Presentations by  Jeff Morgan, Robbert Creton, and Kia Huffman at EPSCoR RI C-AIM all-hands meeting, University of Rhode Island

Jan. 10

Presentation by Dr. Creton, CVRC seminar series, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI: "Imaging at Brown University"



Nov. 28

Formal approval of Center by Brown University's Academic Priorities Committee

Nov. 3

Presentation by Dr. Creton. CPVB COBRE seminar series at VA Medical Center, Providence, RI: “Imaging systems at Brown University”.

Oct. 18

Presentation by Dr. Creton.  BIBS Faculty Chalk Talk Series, Providence, RI: “Imaging systems for studying brain development and behavior”. 

Sep. 12

CAPB meeting , 2 PM in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI

July 18

CAPB meeting , 2 PM in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI;  Ian Pan will be presenting a brief introduction to machine learning and volumetric imaging. 

June 13

BRP EPSCoR CAPB organization meeting, 12 - 1:30 PM, in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI



Nov. 29

CAPB meeting , 1:00 - 2:30 PM in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI

Oct. 27

CAPB meeting , 2:00 - 3:30 PM in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI

May 5

CAPB meeting , 12:00 - 1:30 PM in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, room 501a, 70 Ship St., Providence, RI

April 15

Thesis presentation: Molly Boutin, received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering in May, 2016, for work in the laboratory of Dr. Diane Hoffman-Kim on a brain 3D microtissue project titled "Advancing in vivo-relevant neural platforms using optical clearing techniques and self-assembled microtissues." In August, 2016, she began a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tissue Bioprinting, in the Division of Pre-Clinical Innovation of the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).

April 15

Thesis presentation: Thet Wai. Metabolic Crosstalk Between 3D Microtissues: A Model System to Assess Toxicity of Drug Metabolites, Sc.M. in Biomedical Engineering

April 11

Fullbright Scholarship: Claire Rhee, an undergraduate concentrating in biochemistry, was awarded a Fullbright scholarship and after graduation will do biochemistry research in Sweden. She also successfully defended her honors thesis entitled, "The Phenix™ Rises: Adapting 3D Cell Culture to Applications of High-Throughput Confocal Imaging". 

April 11

Thesis presentation: Marguerite Vantangoli. Morphologic and Molecular Effects of Estrogen Exposure in 3D MCF-7 Human Breast Microtissues, Ph.D. in Pathobiology.

March 16

“Imaging 3D Human Microtissues to Modernize Toxicity Testing,” Society of Toxicology presentation by Dr. Kim Boekelheide in a symposium titled “High Content Imaging for predictive toxicology: discriminating between adverse and adaptive outcomes,” New Orleans, LA

March 10

Retreat and Review

February 26

“Toxicity testing past, present, and future,” presentation by Dr. Kim Boekelheide at senior undergraduate capstone event, College of Mount Saint Vincent, Bronx, NY

February 16

Rapporteur summary by Dr. Kim Boekelheide of the workshop on CASE STUDIES IN CELLULAR STRESS: Defining adversity/adaptation tipping points, London, UK

February 10

Presentations by Drs. Boekelheide and Kane on “Incorporating Tox21 and Interdisciplinary Research in Graduate Education,” at a Toxicology Forum Workshop titled “Are Toxicology Training Programs Adequately Equipping the Future Leaders of Toxicology?,” Washington, DC

February 9

Presentations by Dr. Boekelheide (“Human-relevant toxicity testing: Safety factors or human tissues, cells, and molecules?”) and Dr. Kane (“Alternative Toxicity Testing of Engineered Nanomaterials: Human 3D Lung Microtissues) at a Toxicology Forum Workshop titled “Human Relevant Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment,” Washington, DC. Workshop organized by Dr. Kim Boekelheide.

January 22

In the news: Jeffrey Morgan, professor of medical science and engineering, was elected a fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering. Among Dr. Morgan's most notable contributions to the field are a device that could potentially be used for making artificial organs and founding the company MicroTissues, which creates tissue cultures (link to news release).


June 25-26

Workshop: “Determining Adverse Responses Using In Vitro Assays” 
Organized by Kim Boekelheide, M.D., Ph.D.  

June 24

Visiting Scientist: Paul Carmichael, Ph.D., Science Leader, Safety and Environmental Assurance Center at Unilever & Honorary Professor at Peking & Lancaster Universities

February 2

Visiting Scientist: Mel Anderson, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Chemical Safety Sciences; Chief Science Officer;Charles E. Hamner, Jr. Distinguished Fellow; Senior Investigator at The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences