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  • Krewski D, Acosta, Jr., D, Andersen M, Andersen H, Bailar, 3rd JC, Boekeheide K, Brent R, Charnley G, Cheung VG, Green Jr., S, Kelsey KT, Kerkyliet NI, Li AA, McCray L, Meyer O, Patterson RD, Pennie W, Scala RA, Solomon GM, Stephens M, Yager J, and Zeise L. Toxicity testing in the 21st century: A vision and a strategy. J Toxicol. Environ. Health B Crit Rev, 13(2-4): 51-138. (2010). PMC4410863


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  • Vantangoli MM, Madnick SJ, Huse SM, Weston P, Boekelheide K. MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells Form Differentiated Microtissues in Scaffold-Free Hydrogels. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0135426 (2015). PMC4534042


  • Vantangoli, M.M., S. Wilson, S.J. Madnick, S.M. Huse, and K. Boekelheide, Morphologic effects of estrogen stimulation on 3D MCF-7 microtissues. Toxicol Lett, 2016. 248: p. 1-8. PMC4803074
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  • Kim TY*, Kofron CM*, King ME, Marks AR, Okundaye AO, Qu Z, Mende U*, Choi B-R*. Directed fusion of cardiac spheroids into larger heterocellular microtissues enables investigation of cardiac action potential propagation via cardiac fibroblasts. PLoS One 13(5): e0196714 (2018).
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