About the Center

Children can be at risk for non-optimal developmental outcome because of biological factors, because of social factors, or often because of both biological and social factors. The study of these children enables us to learn about developmental processes in typically developing and atypically developing children and to develop treatment strategies to meet the individual needs of the child and family.

The Brown Center for the Study of Children at Risk is dedicated to:

  1. Advance theories of the developmental pathways from fetal and infancy periods in at-risk children
  2. Enhance synergy between research and clinical practice that advances child development research, intervention programs and social policy
  3. Train scientists and practitioners in interdisciplinary methods from the field of child development

Our objective is to nurture, promote and coordinate research, training, education, and clinical service in child development and developmental psychopathology. Our group is interdisciplinary spanning the disciplines of developmental and clinical psychology, pediatrics, psychiatry, nursing, occupational therapy, social work, substance abuse and public health. We are excited by the translational work that occurs at the boundaries where disciplines intersect leading to new science and the handshaking between science and clinical practice.