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  • A large single-compartment vesicle

    A large single-compartment vesicle

     A large single-compartment vesicle forming through the wrapping of a large piece of lipid bilayer sheet.

  • Red blood cells

    Red blood cells

    Red blood cells flowing through a microfluidic sorting devices

  •  Thermo-responsive vesicle

    Thermo-responsive vesicle

    Aging of a thermo-responsive vesicle traveling in a micro-channel with uneven temperature distribution.

  • Multi-layer-multi-compartment vesicles

    Multi-layer-multi-compartment vesicles

    Multi-layer-multi-compartment vesicles formed through the fusion of smaller single-compartment ones

  • Cerebral aneurysms

    Cerebral aneurysms

     Fluid-structure interactions in cerebral aneurysms

  • Brain blood flow

    Brain blood flow

    Multi-scale simulations of brain blood flow.

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The CRUNCH group is the research team of Professor George Em Karniadakis in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University. CRUNCH members have diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds, and they work at the interface of Computational Mathematics + Machine Learning + X, where X may be problems in biology, soft matter, functional materials, physical chemistry, or fluid and solid mechanics. We welcome collaborators and visitors with bold ideas from across different fields. Our new emphasis is on Machine Learning for Scientific Computing =   Probablistic Scientific Computing!