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In the News

2018 Editors' Choice Collection
In the annual Editors' Choice collection, the JCP Editors highlight a few of the many notable articles published this year that present significant and definitive research in experimental and theoretical areas of the field. The articles below are a sneak peek of the full collection, which will be announced in early 2019.

George Em Karniadakis

George Em KarniadakisGeorge Em KarniadakisGeorge Karnidakis and Sharon Rounds have been elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Professor Karniadakis was recognized for his outstanding contributions to applied mathematics, especially in developing mathematical simulations of a variety of physics and biological systems.


Quantifying Platelet Margination in Diabetic Blood Flow

In silico study of near-wall platelet dynamics in diabetic blood flow with an adhered white blood cell (WBC), showing a platelet sliding over a WBC and undergoing a flipping motion. Such WBCs  tend to reduce platelet margination while increasing the probability of platelet-WBC aggregation. See the article by Chang et al. in the October 2nd issue of Biophysical Journal.

 2018 Editors' Choice article:

An Atomistic Fingerprint Algorithm for Learning Ab Initio Molecular Force Fields.

How sickled red blood cells stick to blood vessels
Analysis of blood from patients with sickle-cell disease reveals how cell clumping begins. 

MIT-Sickle Red Blood CellsMIT-Sickle Red Blood Cells






World's Fastest Supercomputers to Help Model How Liquids Move Through Shale.

An atomistic fingerprint algorithm for learning ab initio molecular force fields

New Machine learning system identifies shapes of red blood cells










Scientists have developed a new system to classify the shapes of red blood cells by using a computational approach known as deep learning.  This unique approach can potentially help doctors treat their patients with sickle cell disease.  The findings were published in PLOS Computational Biology.  (Read more.) Visual Credit:  Xu et al.

A new book is published by George Karniadakis and Zhongqiang Zhang.

Professor George Karniadakis has coauthored a new book with Zhongqiang Zhang entitled,  "Numerical Methods for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with White Noise."

Computer Models provide new understanding of sickle cell disease

Simulations developmented by George Karniadakis and his research group provide new details of how sickle cell disease manifests inside red blood cells, which could provide help in developing new treatments. (Read News from Brown.)

Understanding of the interactions between sickle cell fibers

Researchers in Applied Mathematics discover ways to understand better sickle cell disease

George Karniadakis' research group including Lu Lu, He Li, Xin Bian and Xuejin Li have published research which reveals a new understanding of the intracellular polymerization of sickle hemoglobin (Hbs).  (Read more.)