'Brown Encapsulated' - Student Design Workshop

This workshop will focus on design concepts and hands-on design, showcasing team-based, experiential learning.

The theme of the design challenge will be: Brown Encapsulated - students will be challenged with re-imagining a ‘time capsule’. What could be created to capture small representations of Brown culture and society now to revisit in the future?

Students will develop simple prototypes over the course of the workshop, and two will be chosen for further development and later 'buried' to mark Brown's 250th Anniversary celebration.

(Distributed September 24, 2014)

Re-engineering ENGN0030

Mentor Week:

With help from a grant from the Association of American Universities (AAU), Brown faculty members Clyde Briant and Chris Bull have been working to incorporate more experiential learning into the engineering curriculum, starting with the first-year ENGN0030: Introduction to Engineering.

(Distributed September 8, 2014)

Superhero Cyborgs: Body Modification Workshop

Aiden's "Lego Hand" is one attachment for his body mod - the threaded rod is for interchangeable parts!:

Traditional prosthetics generally try to replace a missing body part with a device that looks and functions like the missing part. What if we embrace this body modification as a cyborgian additional to ourselves? What if this body modification could function in a way that the body can't? This workshop explored the question: if not a hand, then what?  

(Distributed August 4, 2014)

Makeathon inspires new assistive technologies

A weekend of intense focus on assistive technologies:
People who are “locked in” by paralysis may have lots to say but no way to say it. Assistive communications devices can create a communications channel from the slightest remaining ability for expressing intent: the blink of an eye, the twitch of a muscle. New designs for assistive technologies was the whole point of a recent two-day “makeathon” at Brown University.
(Distributed May 2, 2014)

IDEO Workshop

On March 19th, 2014 20 RISD and Brown students convened in the Brown Design Workshop at Brown University for a day of rapid prototyping and making. The group was lucky to be joined by two visiting designers from IDEO for the daylong workshop, Prat Ganapathy and Bill Stewart. The event, titled ‘from the bottom of my fuel cell’, centered around developing ideas for wearable devices. 

(Distributed April 2, 2014)
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