Makeathon develops assistive technology, prosthetics

Amid the bustle of 3D printers and laser cutters, students bent over in concentration, working on prosthetics, tinkering with wires and experimenting with technology they hoped would change lives. The Brown science, technology, engineering, arts and math community hosted an assistive technology makeathon over the weekend, bringing together an eclectic mix of students, volunteers and mentors to find solutions aiding those with disabilities.

(Distributed March 7, 2016)

Well Engineered

The student swiped her official Brown Design Workshop ID then settled in with her prototype. She touched base with her team before heading to the laser cutter, a stone's throw from the 3D printer in the cavernous space, which smelled of wood.

If that sounds like an engaging afternoon for an undergrad, imagine how it felt for this teenager—one of 10 from Lincoln School taking "Introduction to Engineering" through a partnership with Brown University.

(Distributed March 4, 2016)

Science Visualization Hackathon

On November 13, more than 40 students gathered in the Brown Design Workshop for a Science Visualization Hackathon. The event was led by Professor Kenny Breuer and Dr. Nicole Sharpe, founder and editor of a  popular fluid dynamics blog. 

(Distributed November 13, 2015)

Learning and Doing with Sustainable Design Engineer Chris Bull

“Students should be, or I'd even say have the right to be, engaged in meaningful work."

Chris Bull believes that students have a lot to give, and that engaged scholarship is a way to maximize that potential. Working alongside students and community partners, he uses Engineering tools to find technology solutions to development related challenges.

(Distributed October 28, 2015)

Design Workshop Expansion

The Brown Design Workshop (BDW) provides a collaborative and creative environment in Prince Laboratory for project-based learning, and enables students to realize their innovative ideas through design and prototyping technologies. 

(Distributed June 2, 2015)
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