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Learning and Doing with Sustainable Design Engineer Chris Bull

October 28, 2015

“Students should be, or I'd even say have the right to be, engaged in meaningful work."

Chris Bull believes that students have a lot to give, and that engaged scholarship is a way to maximize that potential. Working alongside students and community partners, he uses Engineering tools to find technology solutions to development related challenges.

This audio and photo story is part of "Learning and Doing" - a series on engaged scholarship at Brown University that tells the stories of faculty and students partnering with the community to advance scholarship and benefit the world beyond Brown.

As an adviser to the project Rainwater for Humanity, Chris Bull works with Brown students and partners in Kerala, India, to develop sustainable rainwater harvesting solutions to local water scarcity challenges.

In Providence, Chris Bull and his students used their engineering skills to explore ways to reduce hospital acquired infections and improve hand hygiene.

Over the past five years, Chris Bull and his colleagues have been developing a relationship with a university in Kenya, working on a refrigeration project and exploring the flow of innovations in the informal metalworking sector in Nairobi.

In addition, Chris Bull advises students on their engaged scholarship concentrations. Here advisee Ivy Sokol presents her poster on environmental education programs in under-served Providence area high schools.

“Students should be, or I'd even say have the right to be, engaged in meaningful work. And too often they work for a semester, that's the end of it. Right? The paper goes in the file at best, or in the recycling at worst, and I think students have more to offer than work like that.”