Members of the Morrow Lab


Eric M. Morrow, M.D., Ph.D.

Eric M. Morrow received his PhD in genetics and neurodevelopment at Harvard University. He received his MD degree from the Health Science Training Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Medical School. During this medical training, Morrow developed a strong interest in the scientific challenges posed by childhood neuropsychiatric disorders. Eric is now an Associate Professor in the Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry Department at Brown University and the head of the DDGRP program.

Post Doctoral Researchers & Investigators

  Qing Ouyang

  Ece (Dilber) Gamsiz

  Li Ma

  Meiyu Xu

Graduate Students

  Laura Sciarra

  Abbie Maguire

  Matt Pescosolido

  Ozan Baytas

Technical Assistants & Bioinformatics

  Michael Schmidt

  Laura Van Dyck

  Sasmita Mishra

 Shallender Nagpal

 Bioinformatics Specialist

Undergraduate Students

  Dipal Nagda

  Sarah Hays

  Jacob Thomas

Lab Alumni

  • Sofia Lizarraga
  • Justyna Piasecka-Bernabe
  • Jingyi Gong
  • Alma Guerrero
  • Ashley L. Johnson
  • Yamini H.Howe
  • Mark Sabbagh
  • David M. Stein
  • Emma W. Viscidi
  • Eric H. Zimak

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