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Table of Contents

I.     Principles of Gerontology
        A. Overview (No slide sets yet)
             1. Demography
             2. Epidemiology
             3. Physiology of Aging by Organ
        B. Biology (No slide sets Yet)
        C. Immunology
        D. Prevention (No slide sets yet)
II.    Principles of Geriatrics (No slide sets yet)
       A. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
            1. Sexuality
       B. Organization of Care (No slide sets yet)
            1. Transitions
            2. Health Care System and Finances
            3. Acute Hospital Care
            4. Nursing Home Care and Sub-acute Care
       C. Special Management Issues (No slide sets yet)
            1. Pharmacology
            2. Pain
            3. Hospice and Palliative Medicine
            4. Ethical and Legal Aging Issues
       D. Surgical Management
III.   Geriatric Syndromes
       A. Frailty (No slide sets yet)
       B. Delirium
       C. Falls
       D. Sleep
       E. Dizziness
       F. Pressure Ulcers
       G. Incontinence
       H. Elder Mistreatment
IV.   Organ Systems (No slide sets yet)
        A. Neurology
            1. Dementia
            2. Parkinson & Other Movement Disorders
            3. Psychiatry
            4. Stroke          
       B.  Cardiology
            1. Heart Failure
            2. Hypertension
            3. Arrhythmias
       C.  Respiratory System
       D.  Nephrology
            1. Chronic Kidney Disease
       E.  Gastroenterology
       F.  Oncology
      G.  Hematology (No slide sets yet)
      H.  Endocrinology & Metabolism (No slide sets yet)
            1. Thyroid (No slide sets yet)
            2. Diabetes
      I.   Mobility and Musculoskeletal System
            1. Osteoporosis
            2. Fragility Fractures
            3. Fibromyalgia
            4. Myopathy, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Temporal Arteritis
                (No slide sets yet)
            5. Back Pain and Spinal Stenosis
      J.    Infectious Diseases and Immunology
            1. Pneumonia (No slide sets yet)
            2. Urinary Tract Infections
            3. Flu
            4. Clostridium Dificile Infections