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Senate Elections Data Project Publications 

Book Review by Sean Theriault in Congress & the Presidency, May-August 2015 42:216-219. He writes that "...Electing the Senate is full of interesting stories and thoughtful pieces of data....[those] who advocate for the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment should heed the warnings and mull the results from the authors' comprehensive and careful analysis..."

Book Review by David Karol in The Forum April 2015.  Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 193–199.  He writes that "Using archival evidence, sophisticated statistical analysis and
capsule case studies, the authors have crafted the most extensive and informative exploration of U.S. Senate elections before the 17th Amendment to date...Students of Congress, parties and American political development are all indebted to Schiller and Stewart for this valuable study. It will be consulted by scholars for many years to come."

Wendy J. Schiller and Charles Stewart III.  2015. Electing the Senate: Indirect Democracy before the Seventeenth Amendment. Princeton NJ: Princeton University Press. 

Wendy J. Schiller, Charles Stewart III, and Benjamin Xiong. 2013. "U.S. Senate Elections before the 17th Amendment: Political Party Cohesion and Conflict 1871-1913."  Journal of Politics Vol. 75 Issue 3 pp. 835-47.

Wendy J. Schiller and Charles Stewart III. 2013.  "The 100th Anniversary of the 17th Amendment:  Promise Unfulfilled?" Issues in Governance. Brookings Institution.