Kenneth Breuer
Professor of Engineering
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Interests:  Fluid mechanics, micron and nanometer scale fluid mechanics, animal locomotion, unsteady fluid structure interactions and energy harvesting

Bruce Caswell
Professor of Engineering (Research), School of Engineering
Interests:  Numerical simulation of flow-processes, fluid mechanics of non-Newtonian and viscoelastic liquids

Baylor Fox-Kemper
Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences
Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Interests:  Physics of the ocean

Jennifer Franck
Assistant Professor of Engineering Research
School of Engineering
Interests:  Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, dynamics of flight
Daniel Harris
Assistant Professor of Engineering
School of Engineering
Interests:  Microfluidics, granular materials, nonlinear systems, vibration, biomedical engineering, fluid mechanics, interfacial flows

George Karniadakis
Charles Pitts Robinson and John Palmer Barstow
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Interests:  Multiscale modeling of physical and biological systems; atomistic and particle-based methods, self assembly

Xuejin Li
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics (Research)
Interests:  Multiscale modeling of red blood cells in health and disease, the self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers in solution and the dynamics of DNA chain translocation through microfluidic channels
Zhen Li
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics (Research)
Interests:  Mathematical foundations of scale-bridging and mesoscopic methods, multiscale modeling and computation in complex fluids, biophysics and soft matter.

Joseph Liu
Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering
Interests:  Nanofluids, boundary layer heat transfer enhancement and streamwise vortices, nonlinear hydrodynamic stability

Shreyas Mandre
Assistant Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering
Interests:  Fluid-structure interaction, wetting and interfacial flows, heat and mass transport

Brad Marston
Professor of Physics, Department of Physics
Interests:  Physics of the ocean, statistical mechanics of planetary atmospheres and stars
See also, Environmental Physics 

Martin Maxey
Professor of Applied Mathematics 
Division of Applied Mathematics
Interests:  Active suspensions, bacterial swimming, multiphase flow, turbulence

Thomas Powers
Professor of Engineering and Physics
School of Engineering
Interests:  Soft Matter, low-Re fluid mechanics, and biological physics

Peter Richardson
Professor Emeritus of Engineering and Physiology
School of Engineering
Interests:  Biomedical fuid mechanics, soft tissue mechanics, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and transport processes

Chau-Hsing Su
Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics
Division of Applied Mathematics
Interests:  Water waves, randomly forced flows

Anubhav Tripathi
Professor of Engineering and Medical Sciences
and Center for Biomedical Engineering
Interests:  Biochemical and biomolecular processes in microchip environments

Alireza Yazdani
Assistant Professor (Research)
Interests: Biological fluid mechanics, data-driven multiscale modeling, computational biomedical engineering