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Educational Resources in Aging

The site houses the complete inventory of aging-related curriculum products that have been created by the Reynolds project team, as well as toolkits, articles and websites relevant to aging and geriatrics care. We hope these resources will be useful as you care for increasing numbers of older patients. 

Toolkits Instruments to Measure End-of-Life Care
These measurement tools should identify opportunities for improving medical care, examining the impact of interventions or demonstration programs, and holding institutions accountable for their quality of care. The Toolkit takes steps toward crossing this measurement barrier by creating patient-focused, family-centered survey instruments that address the needs and concerns of patients and their families, as defined by them.

With funding from the Nathan Cummings Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we have assembled an authoritative bibliography of instruments to measure the quality of care and quality of life for dying patients and their families. Based on these reviews, we have created the Toolkit instruments, which are available on this site at no charge.

Geriatric Assessment Tool Kit
Produced by University of Missouri, Columbia School of Health Professions, Department of Physical Therapy. Links to useful tools to assess functional status, fall risk, and much more. PDF files for easy printing and use in offices.

Education Resources

Geriatrics for the Practicing Physician
Column featured in Medicine and Health Rhode Island (MHRI), published monthly by the Rhode Island Medical Society (RIMS).

Geriatrics at Your Fingertips
On-line version of the American Geriatric Society pocket textbook.

Geriatric Educational Resources for Instructors and Elders
Long Island University site with resources for patients and instructors.

GERI Pearls
These downloadable pocket cards are concise reviews of a geriatric topics developed by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Geriatrics. Topics include: aging pharmacology, constipation, delirium, dementia, depression, falls, insomnia, hospital admission, pain management, palliative care, pre-operative assessment, pressure ulcers, syncope, urinary incontinence and weight loss.

Comprehensive library of expert reviewed articles and chapters on a complete index of geriatric topics and issues. Published by USC School of Medicine.

Portal of Geriatric Education Online
Online clearing house of geriatric educational materials and resources, provided at the level of student, resident, and faculty. Sponsored by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.

Elder Web
Comprehensive website with historical perspective and expansive information on long-term care.

Online Geriatrics University
Education and training resources published by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation site in conjunction with the University of Miami and the State of Florida.