The Brown University and Ethiopia Partnership

Since 1995, Brown University's Population Studies and Training Center has had an active program of training and research in Ethiopia. We have a longstanding institutional collaboration with the Department of Population and Family Health at Jimma University, and have recently expanded our collaboration to include Haramaya University.

This project focuses on policy-relevant research on adolescent life, physical and reproductive health, and risk taking, with the goal of improving  the lives of the next generation of Ethiopian citizens. Partnering U.S. and Ethiopian researchers from Brown and Jimma Universities allow the project to improve long-term research capacity through enhanced training programs and communication networks, and fostering jointly published scientific and policy papers. 

The project builds on investments made in establishing a reproductive health research infrastructure during the first phase of funding from the Packard Foundation. Putting to full use computing infrastructire and trained research personnel, this project:

  1. enhances the ability of Ethiopian university programs to train graduate students in both the performance and translation of population and health research into policy recommendations;
  2. studies and makes recommendations for the use of radio messaging as a strategy for improving sanitary practices and health related behaviors;
  3. develops innovative survey methods for soliciting responses to questions regarding sensitive behaviors;
  4. develops an effective strategy for communicating demographic and health research findings to local and national stakeholders;
  5. increases knowledge of risk factors, program interventions, and positive family and community factors that contribute to the good health and successful lives of youth.