Social and Sexual Relationship History Survey

Gilgel Gibe Survey

The 2006 Gilgel Gibe Social and Sexual Relationship History Survey was designed to study adolescent sexual knowledge, attitudes and practices including the formation of romantic relationships and the transition into sexual activity. The survey was also used to test a relationship history module and a new non-verbal response card method for soliciting responses to sensitive questions about sex. The study used a stratified (rural/urban) random sample of the entire population of 13-24 year olds drawn from the household registries of the Gilgel Gibe Demographic Surveillance System (DSS) operated by Jimma University. The Gilgel Gibe DSS incorporates rural communities and small urban centers in the immediate areas surrounding the Gilgel Gibe dam, Jimma Zone.

Gilgel Gibe Quest 2006: Verbal Response PDF
Gilgel Gibe Quest 2006: Response Card