Tools and bibligraphy

Links to tools

Corpus Linguistics MOOC run by Lancaster University (next session in September)

GraphColl – free downloadable tool for creating visual representations of collocational networks from corpora

KWords (V. Cvrček and P. Vondřička)  - a web-based keyword analysis tool for Czech and English.

SYN2015 - a representative corpus of written Czech. The Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Charles University in Prague.

Laurence Anthony’s website which includes several free downloads for corpus and text/file manipulation software including AntConc, AntPConc, FireAnt, ProtAnt


Paper Machines

Sketch Engine – online tool for analysing large corpora including clever ways of looking at grammatical relationships within collocates

Straka, M. and J. Straková. MorphoDiTa: Morphological Dictionary and Tagger, LINDAT/CLARIN digital library at Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University in Prague.

WordSmith – the classic corpus analysis software by Mike Scott


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